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Common Problems and Causes of Truck Air Conditioning Systems

Apr. 14, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.After using the truck air conditioner for a period of time, you will often smell a smell similar to mold and soot;

2. when cooling or heating, the air blown out from the air outlet is not fresh, and when people stay in the car for a long time, they will feel nasal and tracheal discomfort;

3. All these are caused by the odor of Truck Air Conditioner, then, why truck air conditioner will produce odor?

Truck Air Conditioner

Truck Air Conditioner


1.when the air conditioning system is running, the water vapor in the air is formed on the surface of the condensing evaporator of the air conditioner, and some of the water will stay in the evaporator and air conditioning pipeline after the air conditioner is turned off. These water and airborne microorganisms and pollutants combined in a humid, warm and dark air conditioning system to become a breeding ground for mold, Aspergillus, Penicillium, LP bacillus and mites.

2.Smoking in the car by the driver produces nicotine

3.The smell from rubber, plastic and leather in the car

4.Smoke, dust and exhaust gas from the outside air into the car.

These odors will not only cause breathing difficulties, immunity, and will make people feel irritable, reduce human judgment and memory, and can lead to serious traffic accidents. Bacteria, mold and viruses blowing out from the air conditioning ducts are always threatening the health of drivers and passengers, so it is very important to clean and maintain the truck air conditioning system.

Failure analysis

1.Before checking the high and low pressure pipe temperature to set the air conditioning to the maximum cooling, maximum air volume, direct blowing position, air internal circulation, A/C switch open. The temperature of the air outlet, according to experience value is about 5 degrees Celsius for normal.

2.Support the hood to confirm that the electronic fan is running at the same time, the compressor is also running. If not running, then loosen the protective cover of the high pressure pipe, find a sharp tool to gently press the high pressure exhaust thimble to see if there is a strong refrigerant overflow, if there is proof that the air conditioning fault in the circuit system. If there is no strong refrigerant overflow, please carefully check whether there are oil stains on the joints of the air conditioning pipes, if there is, it proves that there are leaks in the air conditioning system, this repair may be very time-consuming, it is also likely to repair a place, and there will be other leaks, which is inevitable. Please be fully understanding to repair the leaks. Finally, remember to screw the protective cover.

3.Touch the high pressure pipe and low pressure pipe with your hand, carefully feel their temperature. In the case of normal operation of the refrigeration system, the normal temperature of the high-pressure tube is about 50 to 60 degrees Celsius, that is, the hand can be firmly clenched for about 30 seconds, and then longer will not last. The temperature of the low-pressure tube is about 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, that is, with the hand can feel the ice hand.

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