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Electric Scroll Compressor

Product Description




Compressor model No.DLCP24-18Y3B
Compressor styleSemi-hermetical horizontal scroll compressor
Compressor driverSplit type
Motor cooling methodRefrigerant cooling
Speed range2100~4500rpm
Nominal speed4500rpm
Evaporating temperature range-10~15.6℃
Condensing temperature range35~60℃
StrengthMax. pressure no leakage30bar
Breakdown pressureSuction side: 5.2MPan Exhaust side: 8.3MPa
Release valveValve release pressure4.0±0.4MPa
Valve release recovery pressure3.25±0.2MPa
Refrigerant leakage rate<14g/a
Lubricating oilPOE-68/120ml
ShellAluminum alloy
Gross weight5.2kg (including lubricating oil)
Install methodHoused with silent blocks on the A/C baseplate
Compressor dimension191 x 115 x 155 mm
Install size160 x 100 mm
Suction port inner sizeФ18.3mm
Discharge port inner sizeФ15.5mm
IP gradeIP67
Motor performanceMotor stylePMSM
Withstand voltageNo abnormity when powered with 500VAC for one minute
Insulating propertyWhen powered with 500VAC, insulation resistance>50MΩ(with indoor temperature 20℃). >20MΩ when filled with refrigerant and oil.
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