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This is The Correct Way To Turn on The Truck Air Conditioner

Dec. 15, 2020

In the summer, the air conditioner becomes a tool for card friends to cool down while driving. Get into the car under the scorching sun to turn on the air conditioner, and the mood along the way will become beautiful. Card friends, do you know how to operate the Truck Air Conditioner in the car correctly? Do you know the correct way to turn on the truck air conditioner?

The air conditioner gave the card friends the warmth of winter and rested for a while in the spring, but it was precisely during this time that the air conditioner got dirty. On the road where the card friend runs around, most of the road sections have a poor environment and there is a lot of dust. The dust is easier to enter the air-conditioning duct, and when the card friend smokes, the smoke will drift in from the air outlet quietly, so the air-conditioning filter becomes different. A breeding ground for bacteria and mites.

Truck Air Conditioner

Truck Air Conditioner

Maintenance before use

If the air conditioner is used directly without maintenance, the dust and bacteria remaining in the duct will be blown out through the air conditioner and sucked into the body to be harmful to the body. Therefore, before turning on the air conditioner to welcome the summer, card friends should do a comprehensive inspection to see if the entire air conditioning system is working properly, but also to check whether the evaporator and air conditioning filter are clean, whether the fluorine content is normal, and clean the lower air outlet duct. Let me tell you how to clean the pipeline.

First remove the air conditioner filter element and turn on the outer circulation of the air conditioner. Remember not to refrigerate. Spray the air conditioner cleaner from the air inlet, spray every one minute. After stopping spraying the cleaner, continue the outer circulation for 10-15 minutes to clean more thoroughly . Under normal circumstances, half a bottle to a bottle can completely clean the pipeline. And the air conditioner cleaner is very convenient to buy, and the price is not expensive. The air conditioner can be used normally after the physical examination.

Precautions for use

Card friends should not turn on the air conditioner immediately when entering the car in hot weather. Due to the sun’s exposure, the temperature inside the car is very high. The decorative panels and seat leather will release harmful gases such as formaldehyde. The correct way is to open the car windows to "bake" The "burnt" air is released outside the car to cool down and exhaust harmful gases. Wait for the temperature in the car to decrease before turning on the air conditioner. First use the outer circulation mode, let the air inside and outside the car convection, and then turn on the inner circulation refrigeration, so as to have the best cooling effect.

Card friends should not adjust the temperature of the DC Air Conditioner very low. Generally, it is controlled between 26-28°C. A suitable temperature is not only good for the body, but also conducive to maintaining good driving conditions. The direction of the air outlet of the air conditioner should not be adjusted randomly. The well-known common sense of life is "the hot air rises, and the air conditioner goes down". Therefore, the cooling effect is better when the air outlet faces upwards. On the contrary, the air outlet should face downwards when the air conditioner is heating in winter.

Try to avoid smoking in an air-conditioned car, otherwise it is not conducive to smoke emission. For safety reasons, the outer circulation should be properly opened to exchange fresh air outside the car, and the driving safety can be ensured by a clear mind. Although the air conditioner is good, it cannot be turned on for a long time. It can be turned off after the temperature is suitable, and the air conditioner should not be switched on and off frequently.

Let the air conditioner stop cooling and switch the natural or hot air to blow for a few minutes before stopping the car and turn off the fire. The purpose is to drain the condensed water in the pipe to keep the air conditioning system dry and clean. The air conditioner should be turned on within a few minutes after the vehicle is started, otherwise the load starting pressure of the engine with the air conditioner will increase, which will easily cause damage to the engine.

In southern cities or when the weather is more cloudy and rainy, you should always check the filter element and evaporator of the air-conditioning system. The air in the car is not fresh, and it is trivial. Because of laziness or reluctance to replace the moldy filter element, breathing the dirty air for a long time can cause damage to the body. It's a big deal!

Many card friends now install parking air conditioners on their cars, which is convenient to use when parking or sleeping. In short, everyone must develop good air conditioning habits and use the air conditioning correctly to enjoy more coolness.

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