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12VDC Plasma Air Conditioner Rooftop Unit for construction machinery,tractor,truck forklift DL-1200

DL-1200 is a DC powered air-conditioning system which works while the vehicle's engine is turned off allowing drivers to rest comfortably day and night.

Product Description


Key Benefits 

* 100% powered by 12V/24V battery, cools when engine on or off 

* DC compressor used, high performance and low noise 

* Soft started, no flash current, safety and stable 

* The overall copper piping design, with strong anti-vibration ability and longer life service 

* Remote control, simple operation 

* R-134a pre-filled, safety and environment friendly

* With plasma: air purification, sterilization, disinfection, formaldehyde removal, deodorization, etc


Product Description 

* Standalone air conditioning for the NIGHT-TIME and DAY-TIME use working with the engine switched OFF and ON, maintaining the temperature during the day. 

* Wide range of applications: Light &heavy duty trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mobile workshops, and any other equipment.


* Topleader Rooftop DC air conditioner fuel saving, working with engine switched On or Off, reduced diesel consumption and engine wear and tear as well as related maintenance costs.

Enjoy the most powerful DC24 Volt Air Conditioner with low energy consumptions.Hit the road, safe in the knowledge that you will get the rest you deserve in any condition.



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